Billiterates Blog Lesson 13 1/14/2018 – 1/20/2018

Dr. June Bug Diddums here and I done read another book! Keep readin’ to find out how many Flushes it earned. Don’t forget to memorize the flush system and use for anything you read!

FIVE FLUSHES!        Gonna hear knocking, cause you lost track a time!

FO’ FLUSHES!          Easy flow means at least 3 chapters read!

THREE FLUSHES!    Constipation allows 10 to 15 pages of decent readin’!

TWO FLUSHES!        Got the runs while stuck on public transportation in traffic!

ONE FLUSH!             Let loose in a public toilet, only to find there’s no toilet paper!

I tried the graphic novel Watson and Holmes. Written by Karl Bollers. Created by Brandon Perlow and Paul Mendoza.

Plot:    Meet Jon Watson, a Afghanistan veteran, and Sherlock Holmes, a Harlem P.I., that’s right I wrote Harlem! Mr. Bollers transported Mr. Doyle’s dynamic duo to Harlem.

You’ll be entertained as they search for a kidnapped girl, avoid gangsters, and try to solve a tricky conspiracy. Loved it!


Characters:    Some of the favorites are there. Mrs. Hudson, the Irregulars, and Lieutenant Stroud remade as a female. The criminals even stand out. Very creative!


Overall:          Watson and Holmes is an excellent read, especially if you love Sherlock Holmes. The artwork brings the story to life and it’s the perfect answer to a lonely day!


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