Billiterates Blog Lesson 7 12/3/2017 – 12/9/2017

Dr. June Bug Diddums here and believe it or not, I read another book! Keep readin’ to find out how many Flushes it earned. And remember to memorize and use for your library!

FIVE FLUSHES!        Gonna hear knocking, cause you lost track a time!

FO’ FLUSHES!          Easy flow means at least 3 chapters read!

THREE FLUSHES!    Constipation allows 10 to 15 pages of decent readin’!

TWO FLUSHES!        Equal to having the runs while on public transportation stuck in traffic!

ONE FLUSH!             Like using a public bathroom and then realizing there’s no toilet paper!

The book this week was The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison.

The plot gets:  FOUR FLUSHES!

The struggle of young black girl trying to fit into a white world and wishing she too had blue eyes. The concept was original and pertinent, entertaining and the story flowed well!

The characters gets:     FIVE FLUSHES!

The folks were real! I know I said that last week and I’m a say it again! After all it is my review!

Overall:           FOUR FLUSHES!

The book was totally enjoyable! If ya got a lazy day, get yo’ read on! Good stories always last and there’s a reason this one has: it’s damn good!

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