Billiterates Blog Lesson 1 10/22/2017 – 10/28/2017

Welcome Billiterates! This is Dr. June Bug Diddums, noted Notologist (the study of doing nothing) and BSologist (the study of blossoming sunflowers). This is the inaugural post of your reeducation! For years your schooling has been inadequate! Now I’ll bring you the truth you’ve been missing! Each week I’ll reveal never before released facts that the government doesn’t want you to know! So sit back and enjoy your first revelation!

Blinkers are truly a wonderful accessory. They alert other drivers as to your intentions, allowing for a safer driving experience. America started with hand signals before moving on to our electronic friends.

In the twenties in Europe, car makers also started experimenting with blinkers. One of the first companies to do so was Mercedes Benz. All the workers were completely ecstatic at how well they worked! Unfortunately, it was also the last time a blinker was ever used on a Mercedes.



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