Yes, I was born.

Taurus is the sign, Brooklyn, NY is the birthplace, Trinidad and Tobago and Barbados are the roots, and Decatur, Ga is the residence.

I first graduated from H. I. S. Knocks high school. That’s Hard Knocks, In-between Knocks, and Soft Knocks for the uninitiated.

My education continued with my acquisition of a B.S. in ‘B.S.’. This was followed by my Masters in H. D. L. A.

‘Honey Do List Avoidance’ is a new, but burgeoning field of study, with endless possibilities.

Completion of my studies culminated with a P.H.D. in Nothology. For my laymen, that’s the study and mastery of nothing and doing nothing. As a noted Nothologist, I have the time to do what I truly enjoy!

Diving into an ocean of words is my favorite pastime. Mysteries, humorous novels, urban, military, action and adventure, and sci-fi are some of my preferred reading choices.

Some have witnessed me reading non-fiction, but they’re no longer around to spread such lies! The same goes for the rumors of my reading comics and Mad.

Another passion is classic movies. Nothing like seeing Poitier, Powell, or Bogart, showing how it should be done.

My sports accolades are too numerous to list. Many remember my 33 straight loses in ‘strip poker’, which is still a Georgia record. Or my triumph as Putt-Putt Champein of 87’. And my loaded dice game can't be touched!

That type of dedication and determination provides you with reassurance, if new to Wrimagination. You can also rest easy, knowing a noted Nothologist stands behind all works published by Wrimagination.

Lastly, all purchases are final! Any and all complaints will be forwarded to the local police for further investigation!