The Mystery Next Door

Ever been the new kid in school? How about being the new kid in school, and also new to the country?
Meet Lindsey Lame, who’s from Trinidad and Tobago. She’s just moved to Georgia and she starts high school on Monday. Because of complications with immigration, she didn’t have the entire summer to adjust. She had three days.
Trouble starts mere hours before the first bell, when Lindsey’s awakened by a powerful storm. There’s a neighborhood blackout but Lindsey notices movement in the next door window.
Was there some sort of struggle or just someone brushing against the blinds? The question will have to wait as she has to get ready for her first day of American high school. The Mystery Next Door chronicles the ups and downs of Lindsey’s first week in her new country.
The adjustment period for Lindsey and her brother Nassan begins immediately as both get into trouble on day one.
The fallout from their actions, as well as the complications taking place next door, lead to an adventurous first week in America.
Follow Lindsey and Nassan as they cope with each obstacle, and rely on their family and each other for help.

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