Andre Boyce

Andre Boyce is a rarity in the world of literature. He is the consummate cross genre writer who brings his
considerable skill set to a wide variety of writing styles.

If Mark Twain, Walter Mosely and Donald Westlake were to be combined, Andre Boyce would be the delightful result.
He captivates mystery readers with stories that are at once stimulating, compelling and humorous.
His expansive skill set is exceeded only by his love of the craft of writing.

Billiterates Blog Lesson 9 12/17/2017 – 12/23/17

Why is that ‘time of the month’ so dangerous to men? Because the first recorded ‘time of the month’ occurred during an earthquake, tornado, hurricane, monsoon, tsunami, meteor shower, and T-rex attack. But yet it was the one thing every man remembered! Now you understand why men vamoose, scram, and vacate the premises during those […]

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Billiterates Blog Lesson 8 12/10/2017 – 12/16/17

I, Dr. June Bug Diddums, being of heavy-ish body and anti-gravitated mind, will pose three questions for my fellow Billiterates to ponder. Nothology at its finest! Enjoy! Question 1 Have you ever been fluent in a foreign language while drunk? Question 2 Politics. Foreign policy. War. Now ask yourself, does crime pay? Question 3 Laymen say […]

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Billiterates Blog Lesson 7 12/3/2017 – 12/9/2017

Dr. June Bug Diddums here and believe it or not, I read another book! Keep readin’ to find out how many Flushes it earned. And remember to memorize and use for your library! FIVE FLUSHES!        Gonna hear knocking, cause you lost track a time! FO’ FLUSHES!          Easy flow means at least 3 chapters read! THREE […]

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The Butler Did It

    These words best describe a book I just read. Of course you’re interested in a brief summary of this book.
    Let me start by saying it completely goes against the grain of anything you’ve previously read. All the rules of classic literature are missing!
    Plot holes galore! No character development! And horible gramar! If this is the kind of punishment you expect, then buy it! Take it from the shelf, or point and click, and complete your purchase! And don’t forget to tell all your friends!
    Oh yeah, you wanted to know about the plot. It’s so simple I’ll sum it up in under fifteen words.
    A brilliant, up and coming detective.
    A worried client.
    A beautiful dame.
    And murder!

The Mystery Next Door

    Ever been the new kid in school? How about being the new kid in school, and also new to the country?
    Meet Lindsey Lame, who’s from Trinidad and Tobago. She’s just moved to Georgia and she starts high school on Monday. Because of complications with immigration, she didn’t have the entire summer to adjust. She had three days.
    Trouble starts mere hours before the first bell, when Lindsey’s awakened by a powerful storm. There’s a neighborhood blackout but Lindsey notices movement in the next door window.
    Was there some sort of struggle or just someone brushing against the blinds? The question will have to wait as she has to get ready for her first day of American high school. The Mystery Next Door chronicles the ups and downs of Lindsey’s first week in her new country.
    The adjustment period for Lindsey and her brother Nassan begins immediately as both get into trouble on day one.
    The fallout from their actions, as well as the complications taking place next door, lead to an adventurous first week in America.
    Follow Lindsey and Nassan as they cope with each obstacle, and rely on their family and each other for help.

So You Want To Climb Mount Lovemore . . .

  Are you pondering matrimony?
  Have you already walked down the aisle?
  Do you think ‘single-o’ is the way to go?
  If you answered yes to any of these questions, Mount Lovemore is already part of your life, and you need to be aware of the rules.
  Forget what you thought you knew about marriage because it’s wrong! You need to read this book, so you’ll be able to correct all those pesky bad habits.
  Spousey will be proud!



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