Jazz Music


Justifiably the greatest creation in my world-

At times we didn’t communicate as your life unfurled-

Zero chance for betrayal, only acceptance of you-

Zestful approach to life with creativity, your talent is true-

Musical exploration defines your existence-

Ultimate expression is your choice, being put in a box is your resistance-

Searching the unexplored like the crews of Star Trek-

Inferiority doesn’t exist because you always got next-

Contact me anytime!

America, Change Gotta Come!
Section 1
Prolific racism is no longer an excuse!
Release your mind and stop the abuse!
I have a dream... where it at?
Stop killing your people, and selling them crack!
Organize your gangs and communities!
Nurture your seeds and provide them opportunites!
Pimping our women, IS genocide!
Relying on alcohol, drugs, and fast food, IS genocide!
Instructing your kids about the streets and nothing else, IS genocide!
Surrendering to a colonizer's education and not getting knowledge of self, IS genocide!
Ostracizing religion or spirituality, IS genocide!
Neglecting parents, grandparents, and intelligent OG's, IS genocide!
Profits from hustling, funding a school IS the greater good-
Redirecting revenue to the hood IS the greater good-
Instilling the importance of reading and writing IS the greater good-
Surrounding your children with safety, love, and education IS the greater good-
Ordering police and political responsibility IS the greater good-
Needing to resurrect the black family IS the greater good-
Projects house you, they're not who you are!
Rise up to your intended elevation, amongst the stars!
Increase your self-esteem and do what is true!
Support the growth of the next man, and now strong self-esteem is two!
Officials recognize Kings and Queens and their think!
Nations are only as strong as their weakest link!
Section 2
Persecuted because of planted drugs in our community!
Revenue needs can destroy our unity!
Insidious leaders create crimes and then blame!
Soaring above your niggertivity, like a Boeing airplane!
Overstanding evolution, overstanding revolutions, overstanding executions!
Notched up your atrocities, and preparing prosecutions!
Profiling continues to plague brown and black-
Reinforced with political chicanery, laws, and attacks-
Include the media assault on everything inner city-
Severely crippling the growth of the black family-
Oppression dating back to Jamestown, Va-
Never forget the history that made today!
Positive progress despite the racism and hatred-
Reconstruction, Harlem Renaissance, Civil Rights are statements-
Inventions, politics, medicine, entertainment, education-
Science and entrepreneurship are a few of the vocations-
Often superior are the odds for success-
Nevertheless, we overcome and continue to impress-
People form communities, and work together as they grow-
Rearing their young for adulthood by teaching what they know-
In the U.S., black existence equates leprosy-
Steady surging forward despite that, and changing our destiny-
Options must reach the people, allowing all to think-
Nations are only as strong as their weakest links!
A Lover's Plea
Strength is your shadow, your body, your soul!
Intelligence, compassion, and love make you whole!
Since the beginning, you've been the crown jewels!
Twosret, Nefertiti, Cleopatra, and others have ruled!
Enduring the Passage meant the loss of your history!
Relegating your illustrious past to the world of mystery!
Centuries of American existence have left!
Orphans of greatness and cultural death!
Millions spent yearly on contacts, hair, and nails!
Extras not needed, you possess those beautiful details!
Bring back your style, afro puffs, and braids!
Allow your nails to grow, soulful eyes, don't be afraid!
Conquered single parenting, poverty, and education!
Keep ya head up! You are the Queen of all nations!
One American Existence

Verse 1


Kneel at night for my prayers-

Alive no more, a close peer-

Existence one sided when seen through the news-

Politicians and their promises bout’ what they gon’ do-

Empty stomach fuels my passion, now it’s time for prey-

Retaliation for any slight, is a normal part of my day-

Nicotine, anti-gravity, 80 proof, suicide, poverty, cancer, and

Ingesting all, visioning local hustlers on a box of Wheaties-

Crack, sports, banging, church, or squaring-

Kids wanna do good, but hunger pains got them veering-

Running from the cowardly, but predatory boys in blue-

Authority used to be parents, church, and school-

Unlimited disease, targeting my sista Queens-

Five year old sold for a night, to a trick with that green-

Hospitals kill, gotta better chance on the street-

Unfortunate, but healthcare means watch what you eat-

Errors are costly, but continue to be made-

Youth have no guidance, don’t know bout’ the slave trade-

M$$ fantasies and good intent, over-populate the New Jim Crow-

ATF, FBI, & CIA is the alphabet babies learn fo’ sure-

Retard, dyslexic, juvenile delinquent, suspect, or A.D.D.-

That’s how my teachers and adults usually refer to me-

Is history, government, or people to blame-

Niggativity, racism, excuses, or babies with no surname-

Modern music fortifies, strengthens, and disilludes-

A whole day since I seen momma, or been to school-

Looking fo’ the lost boy, who killed my brother-

Can’t get no peace, til’ dirt is his cover-

Option of forgiveness, could allow for amends-

Life fo’ a life is all I know though, will it ever end?

My reflection tells me no, unless I change the trend!


Verse 2


Juvenile found slain, suspect is a black male & armed-

Outside a playground, is where the shots broke the calm-

Hold up, retaliation, innocent bystander, not sure-

Nineteen years on the force, and I’ve seen it before-

Suicides, murder, burglary, prostitution, blackmail-

Traffic stops, accidents, kidnapping & more, is what my day

Outside pressure from the press, politicians, & victim’s

Never ending front row seat, to view the evil of men and their

Boring days are beautiful, cause no one died-

Eight hours came and went, and no one cried-

Leaving work at a decent hour, is a rare thing indeed-

Like stopping a crime, before anyone bleeds-

Roll call is a favorite, with everybody around-

Ignoring negative thoughts of, “Officer down!”-

Contest of good and evil is played each day-

Earning proven life lessons to lead my way-

God is my savior and guiding light-

Righteously protecting the Fraternal Order, with his might-

Arrived at the crime scene, and learned about the victim-

Neighborhood kid, just turned eleven, and enjoyed living-

Too many rush forward, with their stories and grief-

Stunned, by witnessing the brutal violence of the street-

Combing the neighborhood, I find a suspect match-

Older black male with extensive criminal record, is not who I catch-

Twelve or thirteen, experience destroyed my shock-

Tortured eyes meet mine, as I raise my glock-

Can’t see his hands, but I know he’s strapped-

Announce, “Police! Take your hands from behind your back!”-

Soon the ‘Defence of McHenry’ is recreated; crack, boom-boom, crack,
crack, crack-

The impact of stereotypes and inherent prejudice-

Intensifies any meeting, because the cops don’t miss-

Legal atrocities assist, without apparent end-

Enraging the communities I serve, so it’s time I change the trend!

In memory of Kathryn Johnston, Sean Bell, Tamir Rice, Oscar Grant,
Walter Scott, Philando Castile, fallen Officers, and others...


Hope For The Future


Turbulent upbringing filled with love-

Understood his people, was enlightened from above-

Powerful personality and iconic figure-

Achieved greatness, but immortalized by a trigger-

Constantly harassed by the racists in power-

Attempting to destroy his character with a constant media shower-

Mother was a pillar of strength and intelligence-

An authority on freedom, when incarcerated she mounted her own
self-defense -

Rewarded with freedom and the birth of a leader-

Until his ascension, he was a poet and reader-

Serious talent also displayed on film-

Hatred for those opposed and against him-

Accused of a crime he didn’t commit-

Kindness, strength, and intelligence are a descriptive fit-

Until forever, conversations will continue about The-

Rose That Grew From Concrete!

Still Rulin’ ‘Em

Bursting with creativity from early on-

Indeed, everyone knew a Star was born-

Labored with trial and error, and perfected his craft-

Lighted up the screen on Soap and made everyone laugh-

Yakuza, the mafia, not even critics could stop him-

Entertaining addition to the Academies and he rocked ‘em-

Drove in more laughter with a glimpse in Cars-

World recognized, his talent took him far-

Across the world to Russia, which was a first-

Ruptured Soviet spleens because too much laughter can hurt-

Director, writer, stand-up, you name it-

Creator of memorable characters, none of them basic-

Rugged action star, original choice for Captain America-

Yep, he’s too modest to share that with ya-

Signed on with the Yanks and also loves the Clips-

Took it to another level with Monster’s Inc.-

Always entertaining on the biggest stage-

Leaving lasting impressions and earning well deserved praise!

Pink Life

Courageous people, who stand up to all diversity-

And cherish encounters with friends, loved ones, and family-

Negativity leaves them lost, positivity is the only direction-

Christ may have been crucified, but we rejoice his resurrection-

Everyday with a breath is a positive factor-

Reneging on quitting, strengthens their character-

Council to others new to this fear-

Unafraid to share their experience, pink is the color of the year-

Remarkable their faith, for God is truly the light-

Existence is the cure and the reason for the fight!


Vested Men and Women facing the unknown-

Endless stress, pressure, and danger to their own-

Terrorism, conflicts, operations, Resources, and wars-

Each fought at a moment’s notice, most on unknown shores-

Rules of engagement sound good, til the fighting appears-

Atrocities happen, but the majority of criticism comes from those not

Negative reactions, once back home, hurt more than what they’ve seen on

Shedding blood, sometimes limbs, losing friends to ensure the stars and
stripes remain free!

Mama Call Him Clay, I Call Him The Greatest


Verse 1


Child of segregation, he grew up in the south-

A theft of his bike set the stage for future insults from his mouth-

Several years would pass as he learned his craft-

Securing his name in history with the greatest pizzazz-

Instinct and skill made him golden glove champ-

Unafraid of any challenger, from sophisticate to tramp-

Supremely confident, his next stop was the 1960 Olympics-

Magnificently traveled a road that was far from simplistic-

All was shocked when he yelled, “I shook up the world!” and, “I’m the

Remodeled the athlete with charisma, poetry, and bragging, actions many

Considered brash and obnoxious, and the heavy weight mold he didn’t fit-

Expertly labeled early on as the ‘Louisville Lip’-

Loving the role of underdog, he was quick to say-

Losing money only occurs when the bets don’t come his way-

U.S. was his home, but he wasn’t afraid to criticize-

Segregation, racism, and hatred, a normal day of most black lives-

Converted to Islam, no longer referred to himself as Cassius Clay-

Labeled a member of a hate group, by the media of the day-

Answered being drafted, by refusing to fight in Vietnam-

Years of lost income and national disapproval, didn’t make him agree to
pick up arms-

Justifiably one of the best ever, despite losing 3 years plus-

Reading up on Muhammad Ali’s life better be a must!


Verse 2


Murdered a rock, injured a stone, hospitalized a brick-

Under no conditions do we take part in wars that take the lives of
other humans-

He who is not courageous enough to take risks, will accomplish nothing
in life-

After me it doesn’t matter, I’m number one-

Mountains to climb don’t wear you out. It’s the pebble in your shoe-

Man who has no imagination, has no wings!

Ah, if they can make penicillin out of moldy bread, they can sure make
something out of you-

Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion-

A tough fight? My toughest fight was with my first wife-

Loving God doesn’t mean loving only some of his children-

I’m so mean, I make medicine sick!


Verse 3














‘I Do’


Verse 1

Mutilating spousal self-esteem with criticism and opinions-

Attempting to mold the perfect mate with unheralded dominion-

Regularly forgetting dates of importance-

Routines leading to boredom and excitement impotence-

Idolatry of capitalism and hatred of the Joneses-

Although bettering the Joneses is definitely the mostest-

Guilty consciousness for adultery, abuse, drugs, alcohol, and having
lied as suitors-

Enriching our kids by being dysfunctional tutors!


Verse 2


Moving ceremony to become man and wife-

Anxious to pursue vows for the rest of your life-

Regular date nights and family discussions-

Rough patches may be economic, but never about trustin’-

Instant memories at the drop of a dime-

Add in the kiddies and you’ll have plenty to rewind-

Gifts for holidays, anniversaries, and birthdays-

Express your feelings in ways words can’t say!

Which will you choose?




Most important people in the world-

Only unconditional love you’ll receive, which is rare like black pearls-

Teachers of life lessons as you grow-

Healing all wounds from head to toe-

Earners of income to provide your needs-

Readers of bedtime stories filled with good guys and thieves-

Fearless in the kitchen when ingredients are low-

Answer all your inquisitions whether or not they know-

Tellers of holiday fibs to expand your imagination-

Huggers at the right time, no matter the situation-

Extra tolerance when what you do isn’t cool-

Reason why you have morals and values!